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Safety and quality standards are our highest priority


While ensuring efficiency in day-to-day operations, Xinghua adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality work processes. Stringent controls, regular supervision and monitoring have been instituted to eliminate risks at the workplace and port premises.

Safety has been inculcated as a way of life at work. We review and monitor every work process and protocol. Safety training and drills are regularly carried out including collaboration with the district Fire Bureau. These programmes cover all employees and subcontractors as well.

CXP has achieved high safety standards with its certification of quality management ISO 9001:2015, health and safety management OHSAS 18001:2007 and Standardisation of Safety Operation for Transportation Companies Grade Two.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Our people, our services and the conditions of our work environment combine as the top three essential elements to the Group’s long-term ESG model. Our port operations are regularly evaluated to optimise on the use of technology as well as for greater environmental protection, energy and water conservation, and waste reduction.

Energy conservation initiatives include replacing all light bulbs with energy-efficient LED light bulbs; switching off lights and heating/cooling equipment when not in use; and using heating water only when necessary. Employees also use less paper by going digital where possible.

Drivers of vehicles at port, including trucks, forklifts and cranes, undergo training to minimise energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Stringent rules are enforced. These include no idle engines, no speeding, no carrying of cargoes exceeding a specified weight limit, and regular maintenance of equipment.